I'm Ray Trosper and this is my better half, Diane. I want you to see here the thoughts behind, 21 Seconds. This is what came into my mind initially. 21st Century. 21 Gun Salute. 21 Steps of the soldier at the "Tomb of the Unknowns". 21 seconds of pausing by the soldier prior to the "About Face" and return at the "Tomb of the Unknowns". Moment of Silence for 21 Seconds on the 21st day of the month at High Noon. Last, but not least. My American Legion Post is in District 21 out herein California, known as: "The Fighting 21st." 21...the magic #




Our Nation, as strong and Patriotic as it is, and the support we give to our Troops today is nothing short of phenomenal. We currently use 2 days during the year to memorialize our military. Memorial Day and Veterans Day. And we do those on a huge scale. And most would agree, especially the Veterans I know personally and am around constantly, that since the Persian Gulf War, but mostly since The Global War on Terror, (Iraq and Afghanistan) that on Veterans Day, our past war heroes are now getting some recognition as the level of Patriotism has moved up the scale. More and more outside of those 2 days when I'm wearing my Vest or some other apparel that shows I served my Country, I get people thanking me for my service. That's been a long time coming and it is always appreciated. And I always tell those people who thank me, that I did it for them, and I did it for our past war heroes. It is those times when people catch me off guard and thank me for my service, give me thoughts and on 1 day several months ago I came up with this idea.

And believe me...I'm not asking for much here. And the best part about the whole resolution and how far I want it go, doesn't cost a single dollar. "Not one red copper" as my Dad use to always say to us kids. So just remember that as you move along reading about what I feel is necessary for our Country to observe, once a month for 21 Seconds, 12 times a year, emphasized with the Flag at Half Staff during the 21st day of the month. When I look at my thoughts behind this resolution, I can't help but feel that this is something that should have been done years ago. It's basis and my first thought in coming up with this was to give parents...Parents of our children a time, once a month to reflect to their kids on the sacrifices given to our Country by our Troops that never made it home or the ones who did and died later for their acts during a war and especially the ones still alive that can tell those stories up close and personal. It gives those parents a monthly reason to speak to their kids or even friends and neighbors about one of our most important wars, The Revolutionary War where most of our principles were drafted upon the birth of our Nation and set in stone by our Founding Fathers. To some today, the word Patriotism is overused. I say it is not. Patriotism is the 1 single word that brings us all together and to those who think it is slowly diminishing, I say...Remember after 9/11? You couldn't even buy an American Flag in our Country.

So, lets not wait until we have a National conflict to show our Patriotism. Let's show it once a month. There isn't another Nation or Country on this planet that does that and our Country most of all deserves that. Now you see why asking for 21 Seconds once a month isn't too much to ask for. Let's get this done.