We live in a strong and patriotic country whose citizens provide tremendous support to our American troops and their families.  Memorial and Veteran’s Day are excellent examples of how Americans go above and beyond to show respect for those who have served and those who have sacrificed.


When I am out in town proudly wearing my veterans vest people approach me all the time and thank me for my service.   I always reply with ‘thank you for the support’ these very encounters are what brought me to start 21 Seconds Now.


Over the last 30 years’ patriotism in America has stepped up significantly.  Since the Persian Gulf War, but mostly since the Global War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is wonderful, particularly for our veterans and for those who served in the Vietnam War.  Many whom returned from deployment and were spit on and called terrible names.  Many veterans hid their service because of this stigma. In many ways this change in mindset is finally showing the support they so desperately needed.



It's simple. On the 21st of every month, there is a moment of silence at high noon, and the flag is lowered to half staff for the entire day.

21 seconds is simple and there may be no better tool to teach and model for our future generations the sacrifices from our men and women in uniform. Children are taught about war in school but often the details are left out, details of sacrifice, what that means and how it affects all of us as Americans. Children are not too young to honor and respect our veterans, 21 Seconds Now gives parents a chance more than just twice a year to further explain sacrifice, what it means for the families of soldiers, and what it means for our country.


After 9/11 Americans came together around simple terms like; Country, Pride, Service, Sacrifice, and patriotism.  Patriotism was at the highest it had been in years. Let’s not wait until we have a national conflict to show our patriotism. Let's show it once a month. There isn't another country on this planet that does that and our country most of all deserves that. Now you see why asking for 21 Seconds once a month isn't too much to ask for! Let's get this done!


You know the old saying, “the best things in life are free” well as my dad used to say, 21 Seconds Now doesn’t cost you – “not one red copper”.



Contact 21 Seconds Now and we will send you more information about how you can help by contacting your cities and asking them to adopt the 21 Seconds Now Resolution. And consider using your passion for our nation and those who serve and become a representative in your state for 21 Seconds Now.


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