WHEREAS, this resolution for Executive Order now titled, “21 Seconds/Military and Law Enforcement—The Fallen” promotes the Honoring of our men and women as members of our Military that were Killed In Action, (KIA) and Law Enforcement Officers who were Killed in the Line of Duty, (EOW) by connecting the importance of the number 21 that is historically known to both our Military and Law Enforcement by having the Country unite as a whole to show Support, Respect, Symbolism and Reflection once a month, 12 times a year on the 21st  day of each month in perpetuity.  Those historical facts and statements are now to be forever known as they appear in this resolution:


WHEREAS, this list of nine 21’s enforce and educate the importance to Americans in our Country;


  • We currently are living in the 21st Century.
  • The 21 Gun Salute.  Since 1875 a Military tradition
  • The 21 Steps of the Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknowns, left to right
  • The 21 Seconds of pausing by the Sentinel when facing the Tomb of the Unknowns
  • 1776. The birth year of our Country.  Those numbers add up to 21
  • The worst attack on American soil, (09/11/01) known as 9/11, that calendar date equals 21
  • The USS Arizona, (Pearl Harbor) has 21 Windows, commensurate with the 21 Gun Salute
  • 21 Days/Honor America. U.S. Code 36, #112.  From Flag Day thru Independence Day
  • The 21 Foot Rule.  A specific training rule of safety to our Nations Law Enforcement Officers




  • On the 21st day of the month, Americans shall have the authority to voluntarily fly the American Flag of the United States at Half Staff for 24 hours in remembrance and in honor of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice with their lives in Military Service during war (KIA), and our Nation’s Law Enforcement killed in the Line of Duty, (EOW)
  • On the 21st day of each month at high noon in each time zone, Americans across the Country should pause for a Moment of Silence of 21 Seconds duration to honor our Fallen Heroes.
  • All Cities and States should urge all Governmental bodies, private institutions, including the News Media and other businesses to voluntarily adopt this resolution that would help this and future generations to understand and respect the sacrifice made by Active Duty, Veterans and Law Enforcement who in honor of their families, fellow military comrades, brothers and sisters and Country as a whole gave their lives to protect the Freedom’s of our Country and other Nations around the world.
  • The President of the United States by Executive Order makes known to the Country effective upon signing the order, all Federal Buildings, including the United States Capitol to lower the U.S. Flag for 24 hours and ask the Governor’s of the 50 States to voluntarily adopt for the same historical reasons listed in the Resolution and by the President’s Executive Order to follow, enact on their authority to the citizens of those States to voluntarily show respect utilizing these 2 acts of Reflection and Symbolism as written in the Executive Order.
  • This Resolution of Executive Order is vitally strong as the two worst attacks on our Nation are represented here in the whereas statements of Pearl Harbor and the terrorism attack of 9/11.




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