I am going to be busy contacting all that I can that can view my vision in a respectable way for what it is. Too often the times, things fall upon the shoulders of the doubters and the naysayers. I don't listen to that. There are also those who have the shallow mind to think that someone does something like this for their own good and notoriety. Those remarks from what I've seen, are coming from people who just do nothing. They don't give a damn about others and the only thing that matters to them is their own little world, all the while sitting back and spending wasted time trying to find ways to defeat or not defend something. And that certainly doesn't fall in line with the morale of our Troops today. Especially, when I'm asking for something that is so simple and easy to do. There is NOTHING hard about 21 Seconds. There is nothing hard in implementing 21 Seconds. And as I stated, there is no cost involved for 21 Seconds. But, as I have often notice that the positives on any project come from the ones who are the shakers and the movers. They get that, while the others don't get it. And for those of you that just don't get it. Just sit back...we'll do the work for you. It seems to be your M.O. anyways. You're unimportant to me and this paragraph is all the time I'm going to give to you. "Hand Salute"... You're Dismissed. GO !

     I'm not going to sit here and let our Troops of today not be supported for all that they have done and what I've witnessed first hand on what they have done. In cases that I've seen personally, one on one. Our Troops today are out there doing 3, 4, 5 and more tours into these wars. When I see them leave on our departure missions, I see a certain look on their faces. You will have to see for yourself to come to your own opinion of what that look is. But, when the return from their tour, I notice a whole different look than from when they left. Again....for those of you who care, I invite you to seek out a Mission in your area.

     Now...with all that said. What you do is this. Send the youtube video out as well as the website to all on your email list. (21SecondsNow.com) and have them do the same. Also, you can post this on all internet media websites. The one I'll be using will be facebook. I don't do any others, but for those of you that do, feel free to do so. The main thing is to get this on the move, get the attention it deserves and lets get this project off the ground and into our hearts. In our hearts 12 times a year for ...21 Seconds. That's all.

     And remember, to come back here often as I will be adding things to this webpage as it progresses. But what I can tell you right now, is that this Resolution I've sent to my American Legion Post, Post 79 in Riverside was passed on Dec. 11th at our regular monthly E-Board Meeting and General Meeting. In addition to that, the Resolution went on to our District. District 21 of California. (The Fighting 21st) On it's regular meeting on Jan. 5th, the Resolution was passed to move onto the Dept. of California. On both occasions, this Resolution was passed unanimous without any "nay" votes or discussion.